Safety for Isaac SDK based AGVs made easy with SICK

SICK NVIDIA keyvisual
SICK NVIDIA keyvisual

Bringing safety to AGVs and AMRs using Isaac SDK

Today’s production and logistics environments are a dynamic environment characterized by robots & humans sharing the space; robots working along with and alongside humans. The next generation of robots will be autonomous. They will sense, think, and act in tomorrow’s factories, hospitals, and workplaces leveraging the immense capabilities of AI. Nvidia’s Isaac robotics platform brings this level of AI into these robots including AGVs and AMRs. 

SICK supports Isaac Robotics Platform with rugged sensors and intelligent software to ensure AGVs and AMRs operate safely, autonomously, and cost-effectively. An important component of this is the situation-specific adjustment of the driving speed so that your mobile platforms remain in motion. The data provided by the sensor can also be used for localization and navigation.

ISAAC STACK Robot Architecture

Robot architecture
Robot architecture

 Get Started Kit 1

 ContentTypePart no.
1FX 3 – CPU0 Main module CPU0 1043783
1FX – MPLO Plug connector MPLO 1043700
1FX – GEPR Gateway GEPR 1069070
1FX3 – XTIO I/O Module XTIO 1044125
2microScan3 Pro – EFI-pro MICS3 1091037
1microScan3 Power cable DOL-1204G02MC75KM0 2079290
1microScan3 (M12) Configuration cable SSL-2J04-G02ME60 6047916

 Get Started Kit 2

  Content Type Part no.
1 FX 3 – CPU0 Main module  CPU0  1043783
1 FX – MPLO Plug connector  MPLO  1043700
1 FX – GEPR Gateway  GEPR  1069070
1 FX3 – XTIO I/O Module  XTIO  1044125
2 microScan3 Pro – EFI-pro  MICS3  1091037
1 microScan3 Power cable  DOL-1204G02MC75KM0  2079290
1 microScan3 (M12) Configuration cable  SSL-2J04-G02ME60  6047916
1 microScan3 (M12 – M12) Configuration cable SSL-2J04-G02ME60 6045222

 Get Started Kit 3

 ContentTypePart no.
1 FX 3-CPU0 Main module CPU0 1043783
1 FX – MPLO Plug connector MPLO 1043700
1 FX – GEPR Gateway GEPR 1069070
1 FX3 – XTIO I/O Module XTIO 1044125
1FX3 – MOC Motion Control moduleMOC11057833
2microScan3 Pro – EFI-proMICS31091037
2 microScan3 Power cable DOL-1204G02MC75KM0 2079290
1 microScan3 (M12 - RJ45) Configuration cable SSL-2J04-G02ME60 6047916
1microScan3 (M12 – M12) Configuration cableSSL-2J04-G02ME606045222
1Y–Connection cableFX3-MOC Y-CABLE2094381
1Extension cable (optional)YF2AA8-020S01MKA182099207
2Encoder DFS60S-BEOK010241069539


ISAAC driver


Safety for automated guided vehicles

A man crosses the path of an automated guided vehicle in a production facility and is reliably detected.
A man crosses the path of an automated guided vehicle in a production facility and is reliably detected.

Safe mobile platforms: autonomous success

Today’s production and logistics environments are characterized by mobile platforms, which means more flexibility and efficiency are required. If you want to make your processes fit for the future, then you are definitely on the safe side with us. With our modular, scalable safety solutions we ensure smooth processes – both for indoor and outdoor applications.

Mobile platforms are only profitable if they are actually mobile. The simple solution is: high productivity by avoiding collisions and downtimes. We support you with rugged sensors and intelligent software to ensure your automated guided vehicles and carts are operating safely, autonomously, and cost-efficiently. An important component of this is the situation-specific adjustment of the driving speed so that your mobile platforms remain in motion.


The data provided by the sensor can also be used for localization and furthermore, for navigation purposes by our customers: an additional use that makes the deployment of mobile platforms even more efficient. From intelligent sensors for collision avoidance right through to complete safety solutions with integrated localization – we are your partner!

Sensor solutions for mobile platforms: Navigation and positioning

Navigation and positioning

Mobile platforms are moving automatically or autonomously between different points in the production or logistics environment. To make sure that they find their way diverse sensor solutions for navigation and positioning are necessary, which serve to localize and navigate mobile platforms.

Safety systems: Safe EFI-pro System

Safe integration for a productive interaction 

Safe EFI-pro system is the result of the consistent development of the successful EFI interface and enables intelligent safeguarding of AGVs, robots and other challenging applications. The industrial Ethernet-based EFI-pro network technology enables the quick exchange and transmission of safe and non-safe data throughout all levels of communication. The central component is the EFI-pro gateway. It ensures safe and fast integration of innovative sensor solutions from SICK as well as direct integration of robot controls into the Flexi Soft safety controller via EtherNet/IPTM CIP SafetyTM. The Safe EFI-pro system is therefore a crucial enabler for implementing Industry 4.0.

Safety systems: Safe AGV Forklift

Protecting automated guided forklift vehicles - efficient and future-proof

Safe AGV Forklift is the efficient safety solution for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) with lifting forks. Installation on automated lifting fork vehicles with a drive wheel is easy. The speed and direction-independent protective field switching of the safety laser scanner prevents stops and is gentle on wear and tear parts. Previous solutions prevent automated loading and unloading compliant with standards because the protective field of the laser scanner was violated by the lifting fork. Thanks to the use of the safety encoders, the vehicle can continue to move with the lifting fork lowered at a safely reduced speed. This increases productivity and enables fully-automated and safe operation of AGVs with lifting forks.

Turnkey safety solutions from a single source. Hand-in-hand from planning to acceptance.

A sustainable working environment is productive and safe

Are you looking for a safe and comprehensive turnkey solution, tailor-made to your application? We offer it all! We can support you through the entire safety project, from consultation and planning to execution and acceptance. Increase your productivity with smart safety solutions for your individual needs!

Our certified functional safety experts always focus on your requirements. The result: Machines and plants operating intelligently and efficiently, thereby guaranteeing a high level of productivity and cost efficiency and, of course, also operating safely at the same time.

You can rely on our in-depth knowledge in all matters relating to your machine and plant safety. Regardless of whether it be a new plant, conversion, or upgrade. We also offer trainings and seminars on functional safety, which keeps you constantly updated on the latest developments.

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