Manual picking stations

IDM140 hand-held bar code scanners are used to check picking orders against a manifest. Individual items and shipping documents can be scanned to confirm order accuracy. MHL15 and W100 sensors are used to re-direct conveyor direction when a tote is detected.

  • Following product families can be used
    Product family GR18S
    Round, short and economically unbeatable
    • Low-cost cylindrical M18 sensor with extra short housing
    • Five different housing styles
    • Variety of plastic and metal housing styles, with straight or right angle optics
    • Bright and highly visible PinPoint-LED
    • Potentiometer for adjustment of switching threshold (depending on type)
    • Special flush type, one-piece metal housing
    • Highly visible signal indicator LED
    • IP 67 rating
    Product family IDM14x
    Versatility made easy – from high density to standard range codes
    • Reading distance up to 850 mm
    • Identifies all popular linear bar codes
    • Scan rate up to 500 scans/second
    • Withstands 24 drops from 1.8 m height
    • Highly visible scan line
    • IP 41 enclosure rating