Photoelectric sensors

High-performance in rugged VISTAL® housing

Your Benefits

  • Precise detection of small objects and object features
  • Detection of objects even through small openings
  • Less machine downtime due to stable VISTAL™ housing as well as the suppression of optical interference
  • The longest detection and sensing ranges in its class
  • Best-in-class background suppression for photoelectric proximity sensors
  • No blind spots, detection of shiny or transparent objects using photoelectric retro-reflective sensors
  • A wide variety of connection and mounting options
  • Highly visible light spot simplifies alignment


High-performance in rugged VISTAL® housing

Precise detection of small objects and object features. Reliable for use in harsh industrial environments: The W9 photoelectric sensor family offers a wider range of solutions than ever before. It is a complete product family, including photoelectric proximity sensors as well as photoelectric retro-reflective sensors and through-beam photoelectric sensors. All sensors are equipped with the latest laser and LED technology, protected by a rugged VISTAL® housing – for even stronger mechanical resistance. The W9 range works using SICK´s SIRIC® technology; optical and electromagnetic interference is effectively suppressed in any environment. With the addition of various connection, mounting and sensing options, the W9 sensor family is the ideal solution for a variety of application needs in the automation environment.

At a glance
  • Rugged VISTAL™ housing
  • PinPoint LED or laser
  • Photoelectric proximity sensor with sensing range of up to 800 mm
  • Photoelectric retro-reflective sensors with autocollimation optics
  • Through-beam photoelectric sensors with sensing ranges of up to 60 m
  • SIRIC technology
  • Connections: M8 and M12 male connector, cable as well as cable with male connector
  • M3 and M4 hole pattern


Reliable detection for a diverse range of objects

The rugged photoelectric sensors of the W9 product family reliably detect objects and items regardless of the type or quality. The W9 achieves high sensing ranges thanks to the PinPoint LED and laser technology. The portfolio contains photoelectric proximity sensors with excellent background suppression, photoelectric retro-reflective sensors with autocollimation optics and through-beam photoelectric sensors. The W9 thereby offers the right principle of operation for any detection task.

Excellent detection properties

Undefeated in the detection of transparent objects thanks to the ClearSens technology
Universal application possibilities due to the excellent background suppression
The newest laser technology for the safe detection of small objects and fine details

With the extensive detection principles, the W9 product family has a reliable sensor solution for any detection task

Extremely rugged with flexible installation

The rugged VISTAL™ housing offers very high mechanical stability and therefore high sensor availability. The use of glass-fiber reinforced plastic combined with high-performance adhesives ensures excellent housing sealing and makes it resistant to cleaning agents. The laser inscription is easy to read even if the sensor has already been in use for years.
Rugged VISTAL™ housing offers maximum mechanical stability
Housing variants for M3 and M4 fixing screws Slots make it possible to move the sensor on the screw
Diverse connection concepts: M8 and M12 male connector, cable as well as cable with M12 male connector

For mounting, adjustment and connection, the W9 product family offers nearly unlimited possibilities


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Dimensions (W x H x D)

    12.2 mm x 49.8 mm x 23.6 mm

    12.2 mm x 52.2 mm x 23.6 mm

    12.2 mm x 50 mm x 23.6 mm

    12.2 mm x 52.5 mm x 23.6 mm

    12 mm x 40 mm x 22 mm

    Light source

    PinPoint LED



    Type of light

    Visible red light

    Infrared light

    Visible blue light

    Enclosure ratingIP66 / IP67 / IP69K / IP67
    Housing materialPlastic




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