Detecting transparent objects

With the ClearSens product portfolio, you will be able to detect transparent objects, no ifs, ands, or buts. Make the world of transparent materials visible. With ClearSens Sensors from SICK.

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Product family W2SG-2
Powerful clear material detection in an ultra-compact housing
  • Extremely high sensor size to sensing distance ratio
  • High switching point accuracy
  • Teach-in functions enable reliable settings
  • Automatic switching threshold adaption
  • Single-lens autocollimation for visibility through apertures and drill holes
  • Flexible sensor settings, monitoring, advanced diagnostics, and display thanks to IO-Link
Product family GR18S
Round, short and economically unbeatable
  • Low-cost cylindrical M18 sensor with extra short housing
  • Five different housing styles
  • Variety of plastic and metal housing styles, with straight or right angle optics
  • Bright and highly visible PinPoint-LED
  • Potentiometer for adjustment of switching threshold (depending on type)
  • Special flush type, one-piece metal housing
  • Highly visible signal indicator LED
  • IP 67 rating
Product family W4SLG-3V
Detects all objects in the harshest of environments
  • Precise laser light spot, laser class 1, no blind spots
  • Stainless steel housing with washdown design
  • Latest SICK proprietary ASIC and laser technologies for very good background suppression and ambient light immunity
  • ECOLAB certified, tested to IP66, IP67, IP68 and IP69K enclosure rating
  • Teach-in pushbutton can be switched between detection of transparent and tiny non-transparent objects
  • IO-Link (optional)
Product family W4S-3 Inox Glass
Reliable detection of transparent objects
  • IP 66, IP 67, IP 68 and IP 69K enclosure rating and Ecolab certified
  • Tough stainless steel housing (316L/1.4404)
  • Resistant to a variety of common cleaning and disinfection agents
  • Modern electrical connection available – M12 connector with pin casting
  • PinPoint LED technology provides a highly visible laser-like light spot
  • Teach-in via stainless steel pushbutton with a metal membrane
  • Continuous threshold adjustment technology reliably detects objects in changing conditions
Product family W4S-3 Glass
Slim photoelectric sensors reliably detect transparent objects
  • Continuous threshold adaption of the switching threshold compensates for environmental changes
  • Single-lens autocollimation optics
  • Simple setting either via teach-in pushbutton, cable or IO-Link
  • PinPoint LED technology with a small, highly visible, well-defined light spot enables high reserve levels when using small reflectors
  • Flexible sensor settings, monitoring, advanced diagnostics, and visualization thanks to IO-Link
Product family WLL180T
High-performance fiber-optic sensor with world’s fastest response time
  • Selectable response time up to 16 µs
  • Sensing range up to 20 m (through-beam system), up to 1,400 mm (proximity system)
  • Bus-compatible with anti-interference
  • 2 x 4-digit digital display
  • Adjustable hysteresis
  • Rotatable display screen
  • High-resolution signal processing
  • Programmable time delays
Product family TranspaTect
One thing is clear - no reflector needed
  • Advanced SICK technology
  • Elimination of the reflector as an error source
  • Machine parts can be used as a reference surface
  • AutoAdapt for continuous threshold adaptation in contaminated conditions
  • PinPoint LED with bright and precise light spot
  • Easy-to-use teach-in button
  • Status LEDs visible from all sides
  • Rugged metal housing (PTFE coating available on request)
Product family Reflex Array
The photoelectric sensor with the light array: versatile and cost-effective
  • Detects objects > 12 mm within a 50 mm light array, regardless of position
  • Sensing range for detection from 0 m to max. 4.5 m
  • Minimum distance of 0.5 m between sensor and reflector for all variants
  • PinPoint technology for intense red light
  • Automatic adjustment of the switching threshold when there is contamination
Product family MultiLine
Two is better than one
  • Two logical and intelligently linked sensors with background suppression in one miniature housing offer the highest ruggedness for object detection
  • Consistent, reliable detection of structured and perforated objects such as PCBs
  • Consistent, reliable detection of reflective and irregular objects such as coffee packs and soup sachets
  • Effective operating range from 40 to 120 mm
  • Simple adjustment via teach-in button
Product family MultiPac
MultiPac - for extreme detection
  • Two redundant receiver arrays from SICK
  • The newest SICK chip technology
  • Intense, visible red HighPower LED
  • Sensing distance up to 500 mm
  • Fast and precise commissioning thanks to the highly visible light spot
Product family MultiV
Efficiency sought and found
  • Reliable detection of flat, transparent, and reflective objects such as displays, glasses, and a whole host of metal parts
  • Gaps and holes in the objects do not cause the sensor to shut down
  • Detection of flat objects on conveyor belts
  • The space-saving miniature housing allows the sensor to be integrated in the tightest machine environments
  • Precise, reliable background suppression ensures that all types of objects are reliably detected regardless of their surface and properties
  • Precise switching points with repeat accuracy < 1 mm
  • Optimal operating range from 15 mm to 30 mm
Product family WLL170-2
Versatility for standard applications
  • Rapid response time (50 μs)
  • Switching threshold adjustment via potentiometer, or teach-in via button or cable
  • Four different teach-in modes
  • Simple installation
  • Red or green LED emitter
Product family W9-3 Glass
Performance inside VISTAL® housing
  • High-performance sensor in ultra-rugged VISTAL housing
  • Best-in-class optical performance for transparent object detection
  • Continuous threshold adaption
  • PinPoint LED for highly visible and precise light spot
  • Variable mounting with M3 or M4 hole pattern
  • Wide range of connection options
Product family W4SLG-3
Detect all objects with one device - Change mode via teach button
  • Precise laser light spot, laser class 1
  • Teach-in button can be switched between detection of transparent and smallest non-transparent objects
  • Continuous threshold adaptation provides automated adjustment to changes in light conditions
  • Sensing ranges up to 4.5 m
  • Autocollimation optics prevent blind spots
  • Choice of adjustment via teach-in button, potentiometer, cable, or IO-Link
Product family V18V
Cylindrical photoelectric sensors with foolproof touch-teach for washdown areas
  • IP 69K-rated cylindrical photoelectric sensors in M18 stainless steel housing
  • Resistant to all common cleaning agents and certified by independent institutes
  • Extended temperature range: +85° C (long-term), +100°C / 15 min. (short-term)
  • Touch (smart) teach-in adjustment
  • All sensor materials, including the housing, LED and lens are resistant to chemicals
  • IP 69K and IP 68 according to DIN 40050
  • Laser-etched part numbers
  • Ecolab & JohnsonDiversey certified for chemical resistance
Product family W12G
High-performance detection of transparent objects in metal housing
  • Rugged die-cast zinc housing with optional Teflon® coating
  • Reliable detection of transparent objects
  • Precise autocollimation optics
  • Robust sensors for industrial use
  • Precise PinPoint LED
  • Dovetail mounting – mounting holes and oblong holes
  • Highly visible status LEDs
  • Flexible sensor settings, monitoring, advanced diagnostics, and visualization thanks to IO-Link
Product family W9LG-3
Spot-on laser precision inside rugged VISTAL® housing
  • Rugged VISTAL® housing
  • Precise laser light spot, laser class 1
  • Continuous adjustment of switching threshold (CTA)
  • Autocollimation optics and polarizing filter
  • Teach-in
  • SIRIC technology by SICK
  • Connections: M8 and M12 male connectors, cable as well as cable with male connector
  • M3 and M4 hole pattern
Product family W11G-2
Reliable detection of clear material objects – from PET bottles to transparent film
  • Photoelectric sensor for the detection of transparent objects
  • Rugged sensors for industrial use
  • PinPoint technology is precise and fast-reacting for optimal detection of a very wide range of objects
  • Space-saving plastic housing in chemically, thermally or mechanically resistant designs
  • Versatile mounting options due to dovetail mounting – mounting holes and oblong holes
  • Highly visible status LEDs
  • Simple sensitivity adjustment via potentiometer

Result 1 - 18 out of 18