Photoelectric sensors for reliable object detection

High-tech automation requires intelligent object detection. No matter how complex your requirements, SICK photoelectric sensors are the reliable solution for a wide and demanding range of applications in which a whole variety of challenges have to be faced. SIRIC® is SICK's own ASIC. It will detect all objects, even in critical and challenging ambient conditions.

Our quality standards, which far exceed the market standard, deliver high reliability to increase the productivity of your machines. With a wide selection of housings, formats, and detection principles, SICK can offer the right sensor for any machine design.

Our strengths


Comprehensive detection

With SIRIC, SICK's own ASIC, photoelectric sensors from SICK are able to detect all kinds of objects with a variety of properties.


All conditions, all standards

No matter what the prevailing conditions, SICK photoelectric sensors work reliably every time and therefore meet all the relevant regulations and standards. What's more, our test guidelines often go beyond the legal requirements and usual market standards.

For every machine type

From miniature to large: With their wide range of housing and operating options, SICK photoelectric sensors are suitable for every machine type.

Intelligent communication

More than just a switching signal: SICK photoelectric sensors support intelligent automation functions in the sensor and are easy to integrate into the automation network.


Complete and customizable

The extensive portfolio of SICK photoelectric sensors covers the entire range of common application requirements. If that's not enough, light sources and detection principles can be customized on request with special object properties relating to material, surface, or form, for instance.

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