Error-free picking thanks to the display of the correct picking place shelf

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Various switching automation light grids support picking, when an employee takes products from several totes and puts them into one target tote. The job LED integrated into each light grid shows the employee the pick shelf from which they need to take each part. This reduces the error rate, while also increasing the “pick" rate.

  • Following product families can be used
    Product family SLG
    Reliable detection with extremely thin design
    • Variable monitoring lengths from 120 mm to 1,400 mm (in 160 mm increments)
    • Operating range 7 m
    • Response time 18 ms
    • Resolution 45 mm to 25 mm
    • Order-picking with bright job LEDS on the sender and receiver sides
    • IP 65 protection class
    • Ambient light immunity up to 150,000 lux
    Product family PLG
    Simply clever order picking verification
    • 360° visible job LED
    • Scanning range up to 2 m
    • Flexible monitoring heights from 120 mm to 420 mm
    • Immune to reflected and ambient light
    • Switchable job LED: permanently lit or flashing
    • Optically confirms correct access