Automated material reordering at e-Kanban racks

Rack systems must be equipped with intelligent sensor technology for material delivery with an electronic Kanban system. FlexChain automation light grids detect assignment of the rack positions. Cascading the individual sensors saves on cabling and makes it easier to integrate them into the existing system. During material removal, the new material stock is recorded in the rack position and forwarded to the higher-level material management system using the TDC-E gateway system. This automatically generates a new picking order.

  • Following product families can be used
    The flexible and efficient detection system in one chain
    • Ultra-simple wiring for up to 60 sensors
    • Sequential cycling prevents mutual interference
    • Free arrangement of various sensor technologies
    • Sensors available in different lengths of cable
    • Sensor data evaluation in the system or direct transmission of raw data
    • Process stability thanks to diagnostic function
    Intelligent networking – harness your data and be proactive
    • Support for standardized interfaces and protocols for data communication
    • Tailored configuration via a web-based user interface
    • Integrated wireless technology and GPS module for precise position determination
    • Open end-to-end IIoT architecture