Monitoring dust removal efficiency

Exhaust gases from coal-fired combustion processes are loaded with dust particles and, due to environmental regulations, must be cleaned before being released into the atmosphere. This is done using a dust removal device, such as an electrostatic precipitator. The correct operation of the electrostatic precipitator is ensured by continuously monitoring the dust concentration after the filtering process. The DUSTHUNTER SP100 is a good choice for very low to medium dust concentrations. The measurement is based on the forward scattering of light. An automatic check of the zero and reference point as well as a contamination check are integrated in the device.

  • Following product families can be used
    Product family DUSTHUNTER SP30
    Measure intelligently. Reduce costs.
    • Independent measuring device – with or without MCU control unit
    • Automated monitoring of zero and reference point
    • Integrated purge air unit as an option
    • Installation on one side of a duct
    • Rugged and compact structure
    • No moving parts in the duct
    Product family DUSTHUNTER SP100
    Probe design with forward scattered light measurement
    • One-side installation
    • For very low to medium dust concentrations
    • Automatic check of zero and reference point
    • Contamination check
    • Hastelloy probe available for corrosive gas environments
    • For small to medium duct diameters
    • Device type for hazardous area Zone 2