Advanced Assistance System

Intelligent assistant systems prevent hazardous states arising from the load level of a vehicle or the driving behavior of the driver. These modular systems can be used to provide either active or passive assistance. Whereas active assistance systems directly intervene in the motion of the vehicle, passive systems provide the driver with an acoustic or visual warning. The example shows a modular selection of sensors that are combined and individually adapted to the respective customer requirements as a smart system solution.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Measuring range: 50 to 2,500 mm (for MAX48N and MAX48A) or 1,500 (for MAX30N), 1 mm increments, typical resolution 0.1 mm
    • Analog, CANopen, SAE J1939 and PWM interfaces are available
    • Pressure-resistant housing, designed for hydraulic operating pressures of up to 400 bar
    • High operating temperature (electronics) up to +105 °C
    • Fluid temperature (hydraulic oil) up to max. +95 °C
    • Compact dimensions: 10 mm installation space, 30 mm cushion zone
    • Position magnet does not need a spacer disk
    • Inclination sensor with measuring range of 360° (single-axis) or ±90° (dual-axis)
    • Compensated cross sensitivity and configurable vibration suppression
    • Freely configurable current or voltage interface or convenient CANopen interface
    • Accuracy up to ±0.02°
    • Plastic or aluminum housing
    • Programmable with the PGT-12-Pro
    • Powerful, efficient 2D LiDAR sensor for measuring ranges up to 80 m
    • Excellent performance even under unfavorable weather conditions due to multi-echo technology
    • Compact housing up to enclosure rating IP 67 and integrated heating for outdoor devices
    • Low power consumption
    • Quick signal processing
    • Several inputs and outputs
    • Synchronization of several sensors possible
    • Certified up to SIL3 (IEC 61508), SILCL3 (EN 62061), PL e (EN ISO 13849)
    • Single- or multiturn encoder with SSI and sin/cos interface
    • Programmable, integrated error memory
    • Solid or hollow shaft encoder, mounting with key
    • Cable connection, M23 or M12 male connector
    • Operating temperature range: −30 °C ... +95 °C
    • Distance values: 250 × 496 pixels and 2D image: 544 × 828 pixels
    • High temperature range from −40 °C to +75 °C
    • Rugged housing: IP69K for the sensor head
    • 2-in-1 solution: eight 3D and eight 2D images per second
    • Intelligent image processing: classification and position determination of objects
    • Activity recording for the most recent hours possible