Object detection on the drill

To ensure trouble-free drilling, early detection of any objects in close vicinity to the drill rig is essential. The AOS102 object detection system is a self-diagnosing and reliable solution for object detection in harsh environments. The system consists of two LMS111 2D LiDAR sensors and a safety controller. The dust-insensitive 2D LiDAR sensors are mounted on either side of the drill rig and, thanks to their flexible monitoring fields, cover a range of up to 10 m around the machine. When objects are recognized within the monitoring fields, an alarm signal is sent to the machine controller which then immediately stops the drilling process, thereby potentially reducing the incidence of accidents.

  • Following product families can be used
    Advanced system reliability for area monitoring even in harsh conditions
    • Non-contact detection due to LiDAR technology
    • Adjustable, application-specific monitoring areas
    • Automated self-test cycles
    • Customized control configurations
    • Easy implementation of new functions
    • Optional gateways for remote diagnosis or data analyses