Vehicle positioning in post production logistics

Correctly positioning automated vehicles during post production logistics can be difficult without the aid of a distance measurement sensor. Properly protected from the elements such as dust, heat, and accidental jostling, a DL100Pro long range sensor with reflector on the target can provide assistance to a vehicle when determining the position to allow loading and unloading of finished goods. To achieve precise positioning, the sensor uses time-of-flight technology to determine the vehicle’s exact position and passes this information on to the automated vehicle’s control system.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Measuring range up to 300 m (dependent on type)
    • Numerous fieldbus interfaces
    • Pre-failure notification and diagnostic data available
    • Display with intuitive menu and easy to see status LEDs
    • Small, rugged metal housing
    • 3-axis alignment bracket with quick lock system available as accessory
    • Elongated holes for zero point adjustment when replacing devices