Argon consumption at valve train purging and stirring system

The basic oxygen furnace is the normal system used to transform pig iron, which arrives from the blast furnace, into crude steel. During this transformation process, oxygen is injected to reduce the carbon content to further process the steel in either an electric arc furnace or secondary metallurgy installations. Purging the bottom of the furnace shell with an argon injection both mixes and homogeneously distributes the temperature and material composition. Proper control of this purging process requires full control of the argon quantity, which is easily accomplished with a gas flow meter.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Highly efficient ultrasonic transducer - up to gas temperatures of 280 °C and pressures up to 450 bar
    • Direct path layout
    • Intelligent self-diagnostics
    • Compact, robust design
    • Integrated log book and data logger
    • Large measuring range 1:120
    • Bidirectional measurement
    • Low power consumption: <1 W