Positioning small load carriers

In order for the storage and retrieval system's load-carrying unit to be able to precisely grip totes, an accurate stop position for the small load carrier must be defined on the roller conveyor. A G10 photoelectric proximity sensor detects the presence of the small load carrier and stops it in a precise manner using a stopping cylinder. With the innovative Q-Lock mounting system, the photoelectric proximity sensor is quickly installed, which saves time during sensor mounting and commissioning steps.

  • Following product families can be used
    Powerful detection, smart installation - down to the last detail
    • Long sensing ranges: 1,200 mm with background suppression; 15 m on PL80A reflector
    • PinPoint LED with bright and precise light spot
    • Small housing design
    • 10 … 30 VDC or 24 … 240 VAC/VDC power supply with PNP/NPN or relay output
    • Rugged sensor housing with metal-reinforced holes for assembly
    • Q-Lock assembly system for mounting the sensor within a few seconds

Production logistics get smart

Closing the circle - Sensor solutions in production logistics - even for the smallest spaces in production

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