Reliable workpiece carrier identification

Before printed circuit boards are populated with discrete components, an inspection must ensure that the parts match the corresponding board on the workpiece carrier. For this purpose, a 2D code is affixed to the workpiece carrier, and then the code is reliably detected by the Lector62x image-based code reader. In addition, the code reader provides superior system throughput, as data and parameter sets are retained even in the event of a mains voltage failure; the data is immediately available again when the system is restarted. There is also no need to reconfigure the code reader if the device is replaced.

  • Following product families can be used
    • High performance DPM decoder
    • Immune to ambient light
    • Powerful LEDs in red, blue, infrared
    • Extensive optical accessories such as polarizing filter or dome attachment
    • Setup wizard with auto focus, aiming laser, green feedback LED
    • Innovative data handling with sorting, filtering, and output formatting functions

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