Monitoring the gripper position

Inductive proximity sensors such as the IQ08 are used to determine gripper positions. Thanks to this sensor's miniature design, it is extremely easy to install in applications, even where there is little room to spare. By detecting the gripper's end positions, the IQ08 is able to identify whether the gripper is opening and closing properly. Thanks to its rugged housing made of brass and plastic, the IQ08 is no match for vibrations, dust and water, which means that it delivers high process reliability. On swivel grippers, IM Miniature inductive sensors safely detect the gripper's swivel position (cam). The WLL80 fiber-optic sensor is perfectly suited for use with miniaturized grippers. It emits light via an LL3 optical fiber and uses the reflected light to detect the distance to the reflective surface and the positions of the gripper fingers.