Laser-based identification on multiple sides

This auto-ident solution is equipped with high-performance laser scanners, an integrated controller and an array sensor for triggering to enable omni-directional reading of bar codes on virtually all standard sorter types. Based on off-the-shelf products, this scalable solution can be fully customized. The auto-focus laser scanners can be combined in almost any configuration, allowing reading from up to five sides. The SMART+ code recognition technology increases the read rate of lower-quality labels.

  • Following product families can be used
    Product family CLV69x
    The highest level of flexibility and power
    • Advanced SMART+ code reconstruction technology
    • New and flexible cloning plug technology
    • CAN, Ethernet and serial communications available on board (dependent on cloning plug variant)
    • Large depth of field due to real-time auto focus
    • Consistent, user-friendly "SOPAS ET" software
    • Built-in tracking without the use of an additional system controller
    • Flexible sorting, filtering, and logical functions
    • Integrated LED bar graph with pushbuttons