Dynamic volume measurement at tilt-tray sorter

In the past, volume measurement at tilt-tray sorters was only possible at flat inbound belts due to the geometry of the trays. The innovative volume measurement systems provided by SICK measure the volume of items directly above the tray, irrespective of their shape. The ability to measure the volume directly above the tilt tray sorter leads to dramatic cost reductions since such systems no longer have to be installed above each individual flat inbound belt. Dual-head systems boost the performance for mixed streams of cubic and irregularly shaped items. The system excels with high measuring rates and outstanding accuracy. The system is certified and can be used for invoicing (legal-for-trade). Based on off-the-shelf products, this scalable solution can be fully customized.

  • Following product families can be used
    Product family VMS420/520
    The dual-head, high-speed volume measurement system for nearly any shape
    • Measurement of length, width and height of any shaped object
    • Calculation of the smallest enclosing cube (box volume)
    • Calculation of real volume
    • Optimized application software
    • All measuring functions are built in the measuring head, no additional evaluation unit is required