Flexible print mark detection for identification of the cutting position

Film on rolls is used on wrapping machines and the cutting position is detected using a print mark on the film. Reliable detection of the print marks is necessary to prevent defective products and increase productivity. The KT contrast sensors detect slight gray value differences between the mark and the background on matte, glossy, or transparent surfaces at maximum speeds. SICK offers a large selection of device types with different methods of contrast resolution and different teach-in variants.

  • Following product families can be used
    Product family KT10
    The industry choice for high-speed and precision mark detection
    • Very low jitter (< 10 μs)
    • Precise light spot
    • Best contrast resolution thanks to RGB LED technology
    • Two interchangeable light exits
    • Five storage banks for settings
    • Automatic drift correction
    • Fast switching frequency of 25 kHz
    • Easy-to-read bar graph display
    Product family KT5
    Contrast sensor in standard metal housing
    • Best contrast resolution thanks to RGB LED technology
    • Intuitive 10-segment bar display indicates the detection reliability
    • Dynamic or static teach-in method or manual potentiometer
    • Switching frequency of 10 kHz
    • Automatic gloss adjustment for highly reflective materials
    • Various sensing distances and light spot directions
    • M12 plug can be rotated 90°
    Product family KTM Core
    Mini, easy, speedy
    • Small, tried-and tested housing
    • High grayscale resolution
    • Very large dynamic range means reliable detection of contrasts on glossy materials
    • Switching frequency: 10 kHz
    • White light