Inertization processes

Most feedstock materials and final products in the petrochemical industry are stored in big tank farms. As many of these materials are flammable, any presence of oxygen poses a potential risk of explosion. To prevent the formation of explosive atmospheres, pipes and storage tanks are purged and pressurized with inert gases like nitrogen or CO2. This inertization or blanketing is typically monitored by an oxygen analyzer to detect residual oxygen. At the same time, the consumption of inert gases and the duration of the inertization process can be reduced to a minimum.

  • Following product families can be used
    • O2 transmitter based on high-performance laser spectroscopy (TDLS)
    • For use in use in explosion-hazardous areas (FM, ATEX and IECEx approvals)
    • Measurement directly in the process or extractive using a measurement gas cell (option)
    • Designed for heavy-duty industrial applications
    • Compact design and easy to operate
    • Long-term stability
    • No moving parts