Emission monitoring

Boilers, furnaces, and incinerators are key utilities in every chemical plant and have a big impact on the environment. The quantity and nature of emitted components are regulat-ed by local authorities via emission standards and limits. Therefore, O2, NOx, CO, SO2, NH3, CH4, HCl, HF, and others are often required to be monitored on a continuous basis. However, the analytical solutions depend on the fuel type and the combustion process. As a global market leader for emission monitoring systems, SICK offers a broad variety of in-situ, cold/dry, and hot/wet extractive solutions.

  • Following product families can be used
    Volume flow measuring devices for continuous emission monitoring
    • Rugged titanium converters for long service life
    • Corrosion-resistant material for use with aggressive gases (option)
    • Integrated measurement via duct diameter for types H, M, and S
    • Probe version PR for cost-saving, single-sided installation in duct
    • Automated operational check with zero and reference point test
    Measure aggressive gases directly and quickly – even in ATEX zones
    • Direct, fast in-situ measurement
    • No gas sampling, no gas transport, no gas conditioning
    • Up to eight measuring components at the same time, plus process temperature and pressure
    • DOAS and CDE evaluation process
    • Numerous independent measuring ranges with consistent accuracy
    • Automatic self-test function (QAL3) without test gases
    • Overpressure encapsulated design for ATEX Zones 1 and 2
    Proven measurement technology for flue gas monitoring
    • Measurement of up to 10 IR components plus O2 and TOC
    • Hot/wet extractive measurement technology
    • Wear-free gas distribution through ejector pumps
    • Reference point monitoring with internal calibration cells
    • Certified digital Modbus® interface
    • Web server for platform-independent device control
    • Use of dry test gases for HCl and NH3
    For efficient control of combustion and drying processes
    • Dynamic humidity correction
    • Fast in-situ measurement directly in the process
    • Simultaneous determination of up to three gas components, temperature, and pressure
    • No gas sampling and conditioning
    • Gas testable version of measuring probe available
    • Integrated self-test and control functions
    Tailor-made gas analysis for process and emission monitoring
    • 6 different analyzer modules: DEFOR (NDUV, UVRAS), MULTOR (NDIR), OXOR-E (electrochemical O2), OXOR-P (paramagnetic O2), THERMOR (TC), and UNOR (NDIR)
    • 4 different types of enclosures
    • Gas module with sample gas pump and/or control sensors
    • New enclosure type for easy and quick integration in analyzer systems
    • Remote diagnosis via Ethernet with SOPAS ET software
    Probe design with forward scattered light measurement
    • Installation from one side
    • For very low to medium dust concentrations
    • Automated check of zero and reference point
    • Contamination check
    • Hastelloy measuring probe available for corrosive gases
    • For small to medium duct diameters
    • Device version for explosive zone 2/22 or 1/21
    Reliable dust measurement in wet gases
    • For very low to medium dust concentrations
    • Gas sampling and return combined in one probe
    • Contamination check
    • Automatic monitoring of zero and reference point
    • Easy parameterization and convenient operation – optionally via supplemental remote unit
    • Integrated system diagnostics for early detection of maintenance requirements