DeNOx and DeSOx systems

Energy intensive processes like thermal cracking in an olefin plant and continuous decoking of FCC units in refineries require a high consumption of fossil fuels result-ing in high NOx emissions. To comply with local regulations the NOx content is often reduced in a DeNOx system using ammonia. The challenge of this fast process is to inject the right quantity of ammonia to reduce residual NOx to a minimum while preventing emission of excess ammonia. In-situ analyzers are perfectly suited to monitor NOx and ammonia slip in this dynamic process.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Direct, fast in-situ measurement
    • No gas sampling, no gas transport, no gas conditioning
    • Up to eight measuring components at the same time, plus process temperature and pressure
    • DOAS and CDE evaluation process
    • Numerous independent measuring ranges with consistent accuracy
    • Automatic self-test function (QAL3) without test gases
    • Overpressure encapsulated design for ATEX Zones 1 and 2