High-precision pin inspection for press-fit operations during the final assembly of printed circuit boards

The Pinspector quality control system, consisting of a Ranger3 3D vision camera and laser technology, detects deviations from the defined quality standard. A three-dimensional, non-contact measurement function is used to check that the pins are correctly aligned with the designated through holes in the printed circuit board. After successful positioning, Pinspector gives the go-ahead for the press-fit process. The three-dimensional position measurement function is run after the press-fit process to monitor the presence, height, and co-planarity of the pins.

  • Following product families can be used

    Pin and press-fit inspection – verifying the presence and position of pins

    • Full-scale solution for the inspection of PCBs and pin connectors
    • Autonomous modular system
    • Rugged design suitable for industrial use
    • Ranger cameras from SICK for high-precision 3D imaging
    • Three versions – high value, fast inspection, and double-camera to prevent occlusion