With us, everything lands where it belongs to - air freight, baggage, on-board catering and yourself.

Numerous logistics processes at the airport run smoothly thanks to sensors and sensor solutions from SICK. The airplanes stop precisely at the parking position, the air cargo container is loaded on the right cargo aircraft, and the luggage ends up in the right hands. SICK sensors control and monitor each critical movement accurately and reliably. They are used in many applications like in passenger boarding bridges, ground support vehicles, baggage handling systems and cargo facilities, access control systems, security systems for buildings and for ground surveillance and in catering facilities.


Download this new "Making the Case" guide to learn how using intelligent, vision-based readers and sensors can capture the information you need to help address both external customer service expectations, and internal marching orders for efficiency.

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Greater efficiency in the entire supply chain

Intelligent sensor solutions from SICK are driving forward networking in production and logistics.
Baggage Connection Image
Baggage Connection Image

The baggage connection

Laser, camera and RFID technology for baggage tracking