PLC and engineering tool integration

We offer an exceptionally wide range of tools for integrating SICK sensors and safety controllers. These tools are perfectly tailored to your requirements, which may include generic integration using device description files, standardized interfaces (e.g., TCI, FDT/DTM) for configuration and diagnostics or integration into the PLC program using function blocks:

Function blocks

SICK sensors are quick and easy to integrate into various PLC systems without the need for major manual modifications. SICK provides PLC function blocks, which can be downloaded for all IO-Link sensors and virtually all IP-based sensors.

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SICK device description files

You can find the device description files for the generic integration of the respective devices here:






TCI (Tool Calling Interface)

The Tool Calling Interface (TCI) enables a tool to be called to configure and diagnose a field device using the existing communication infrastructure. TCI was developed under the umbrella of the PNO PROFIBUS user organization and is available for PROFIBUS and PROFINET.

The following software tools from SICK support TCI:



DTM (Device Type Manager)

FDT/DTM is a non-proprietary concept which enables devices from different manufacturers to be configured and diagnosed with just one engineering tool. A DTM (Device Type Manager) represents a device and can be integrated into an FDT (Field Device Tool)-based engineering tool.

Safety Designer

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