Safe series connection: the right solution for every requirement

Safe series connection of sensors from SICK

Safe series connection of sensors from SICK

Different industries, different tasks, different requirements. SICK offers a variety of solutions for connecting safety sensors in series. A number of criteria are decisive when selecting a solution that is suitable for your needs: safety, diagnostics, wiring, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility.

Our solutions for safe series connection without diagnostics

Safe series connection using STR1

The simple and economical solution for your safe series connection thanks to a low wiring effort and high cost-efficiency. Take advantage of this option and find a suitable product for your machine: 


Non-contact safety switches

Safety locking devices

Our solutions for safe series connection with diagnostics

Safe series connection with Flexi Loop

Extended diagnostic options reduce unnecessary downtimes thereby lowering maintenance and repair costs. Flexi Loop also offers a high level of flexibility in the safe series connection of different sensor types.

Safe series connection

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