Innovations in distance and LiDAR sensors

From micron to mile. In all dimensions.

3D LiDAR sensors with high resolution, individual sensor solutions with SICK AppSpace or the HDDM+ distance measure process we developed ourselves – we reinvent ourselves every day with our innovative strength. Thanks to our highly developed technologies in the areas of ultrasound, radar or light, we can find the right solution for any application.

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3D LiDAR sensors scan with high resolution per scanning segment, thereby enabling gap-free detection in space.

Detecting changes in real time

2D LiDAR sensors detect details in flowing traffic and react very quickly to changes in the scanning field. The LMS1000 2D LiDAR sensor works with scanning frequencies of up to 200 Hz. Our devices have the clear advantage when it comes to detection and classification of vehicles.

Individual sensor solutions

At SICK AppSpace, application developers determine the solution themselves. Our eco-system combines software, programmed sensors and a dynamic developer community, thereby allowing for completely new and adaptive approaches in automation.

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Effective for both indoor and outdoor applications

Distance and LiDAR sensors reliably detect distances with the innovative HDDM+ (high definition distance measurement plus) distance measurement process, which can be used in many applications.

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