Vertical integration into higher-level systems

ERP, MES, and cloud: vertical integration into higher-level systems

Especially when it comes to Industry 4.0, integration capability and continuity are important features of intelligent and future-proof communication structures. That is why SICK offers several options for integrating the process, status, and diagnostics information of sensors into visualization systems and automation networks. Our integration tools enable straightforward and fast integration into your individual HMI solution, irrespective of the technology used.

The systems

The software

SOPAS OPC server

OPC technology is used to exchange data between field devices and Windows-based applications. OPC is suitable only for non-deterministic communication. The SOPAS OPC server from SICK follows the OPC-DA specifications and therefore can be used on Windows operating systems. In addition to the standard data types, our OPC server also supports methods that enable unlimited access to the SICK sensors from an HMI.

SOPAS OPC server download

Web server

The SOPAS web server from SICK can be applied in situations where the use of OPC technology is not possible or desired but where a web browser is available. The web server sets itself apart in that as well as exchanging data, it also provides visualizations of the devices – a major benefit particularly with regard to vision sensors. It supports ZeroConfig, DHCP, and UPnP, thereby enabling rapid and straightforward communication via the Ethernet interface. Additional knowledge of IP addresses is not necessary.


The following devices have a web server:

AFM60A, Inspector PI series, Inspector PIM series, CLV62x-65x, LECTOR62x, LECTOR65x, RFU6xx

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