Incremental encoders
DFS60 Inox

High resolution, programmable encoders for demanding applications

Your Benefits

  • The programmability of the encoder results in reduced storage, high machine availability, and easy and fast installation
  • Flexible adaptation to the application-specific installation situation
  • High resolution up to 16 bits allows applications with demanding requirements on measurement accuracy
  • The stainless-steel housing offers high resistance to environmental influences
  • Long-term and reliable operation thanks to a high enclosure rating, temperature resistance and bearing lifetime
  • Excellent concentricity even at high speeds
  • Simple mounting thanks to compact dimensions, when the installation space is limited


High resolution, programmable encoders for demanding applications

The DFS60 is a high-resolution incremental encoder with a diameter of 60 mm. It offers lots of mechanical and electrical interfaces and a housing made from aluminum or stainless steel. You can program the encoder yourself, if you want. A key feature is the range of options for programming the electrical parameters, e.g., the output signal level, the number of pulses per revolution, or the zero pulse width. This makes the DFS60 highly suitable for demanding applications as well. The high enclosure rating, wide temperature range, and wide-set ball bearings ensure a high level of ruggedness and make the DFS60 the ideal encoder for industrial applications with harsh ambient conditions.

At a glance
  • Pulses per revolution: Up to 65,536 (16 bit)
  • Housing diameter: 60 mm
  • Solid shaft, blind hollow shaft, through hollow shaft
  • Enclosure rating: IP65/IP67
  • Communication interfaces: TTL RS 422, HTL Push Pull, Sin/Cos
  • Connection type: M12 or M23 male connector, or universal cable
  • Programmable, compact installation depth, remote zero set possible


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Pulses per revolution0 ... 65,536
    Sine/cosine periods per revolution1,024
    Mechanical design

    Solid shaft, Servo flange

    Solid shaft, face mount flange

    Solid shaft, Square flange

    Blind hollow shaft

    Shaft diameter

    6 mm

    10 mm

    8 mm


    12 mm

    15 mm


    14 mm


    Connection type

    Male connector, M12, 8-pin, radial

    Cable, 8-wire, radial

    Male connector, M12, 12-pin, radial

    Cable, 12-wire, radial

    Communication interfaceIncremental
    Communication Interface detail

    TTL / RS-422

    HTL / Push pull


    TTL / HTL

    Supply voltage

    4.5 ... 5.5 V

    10 ... 32 V

    4.5 ... 32 V

    Enclosure ratingIP67
    Programmable/configurable– / ✔
    Output frequency

    ≤ 820 kHz

    ≤ 200 kHz

    Operating temperature range

    –40 °C ... +100 °C 1)

    –30 °C ... +100 °C 2)

    • 1) Stationary position of the cable.
    • 2) Flexible position of the cable.
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