Absolute encoders

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    • Performance
      Max. resolution (number of steps per revolution x number of revolutions)18 bit x 12 bit (262,144 x 4,096)
      Error limits G0.03° 1)
      Repeatability standard deviation σr0.002° 2)
      • 1) In accordance with DIN ISO 1319-1, position of the upper and lower error limit depends on the installation situation, specified value refers to a symmetrical position, i.e. deviation in upper and lower direction is the same.
      • 2) In accordance with DIN ISO 55350-13; 68.3% of the measured values are inside the specified area.
    • Interfaces
      Communication interfaceEtherCAT®
      Communication Interface detailCoE (CAN over EtherCAT®)
      Encoder profileCiA DS-406
      Data transmission rate (baud rate)

      10 Mbit/s

      100 Mbit/s

      Transmission mediumCAT-5e cable
      Parameterising dataNumber of steps per revolution, number of revolutions, PRESET, counting direction, samplingrate for speed monitoring, unit for output of the speed value, round axis functionality (multiturnversion only), single or multi access mode, fast dataexchange mode
      Available diagnostics dataCurrent, minimum and maximum temperature, maximum speed, positioning monitoring, power-on counter, operating hours counter for power-on/motion, counter of direction changes/number of movements cw/number of movements ccw, minimum and maximum operating voltage, signal monitoring for single and multiturn
      Initialization timeApprox. 6 s
      Cycle time125 µs ... 100 ms
    • Electrical data
      Connection type

      Male connector, 1x, M12, 4-pin, axial

      Female connector, 2x, M12, 4-pin, axial

      Supply voltage10 ... 30 V DC

      Male connector, M12, 4-pin

      Female connector, M12, 4-pin

      MTTFd: mean time to dangerous failure80 years (EN ISO 13849-1) 1)
      • 1) This product is a standard product and does not constitute a safety component as defined in the Machinery Directive. Calculation based on nominal load of components, average ambient temperature 40°C, frequency of use 8760 h/a. All electronic failures are considered hazardous. For more information, see document no. 8015532.
    • Mechanical data
      Mechanical designBlind hollow shaft
      Shaft diameter10 mm
      Weight0.2 kg
      Shaft materialStainless steel
      Housing materialAluminum
      Start up torque0.8 Ncm
      Operating torque0.6 Ncm
      Permissible shaft movement, axial static/dynamic± 0.5 mm, ± 0.1 mm
      Permissible shaft movement, radial static/dynamic± 0.3 mm, ± 0.05 mm
      Moment of inertia of the rotor40 gcm²
      Bearing lifetime3.0 x 10^9 revolutions
      Angular acceleration≤ 500,000 rad/s²
    • Ambient data
      EMCAccording to EN 61000-6-2 and EN 61000-6-3 1)
      Enclosure rating

      IP65, shaft side (according to IEC 60529)

      IP67, housing side (according to IEC 60529) 2)

      Permissible relative humidity90 % (condensation of the optical scanning not permitted)
      Operating temperature range–40 °C ... +85 °C
      Storage temperature range–40 °C ... +100 °C, without package
      Resistance to shocks100 g, 6 ms (according to EN 60068-2-27)
      Resistance to vibration30 g, 10 Hz ... 2,000 Hz (according to EN 60068-2-6)
      • 1) The EMC according to the standards quoted is achieved if screened cables are used.
      • 2) With mating connector inserted.
    • Classifications
      ECl@ss 5.027270502
      ECl@ss 5.1.427270502
      ECl@ss 6.027270590
      ECl@ss 6.227270590
      ECl@ss 7.027270502
      ECl@ss 8.027270502
      ECl@ss 8.127270502
      ECl@ss 9.027270502
      ECl@ss 10.027270502
      ECl@ss 11.027270502
      ETIM 5.0EC001486
      ETIM 6.0EC001486
      ETIM 7.0EC001486
      UNSPSC 16.090141112113

    Technical drawings

    Dimensional drawing Diameter x f7 corresponds to the shaft diameter
    Attachment specifications
    PIN assignment
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