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Flare Gas Metering 101: Your Efficiency & Compliance Roadmap

The regulations in North America require operators of industrial installations to measure and report their flare gas emissions, and also take steps to minimize those emissions through the use of best available techniques.

This webinar is tailored for professionals in the process automation industry seeking to reduce costs, ensure regulatory compliance, and address end user issues. Experts in the field will share their insights and experiences in implementing flare metering.

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Mobile Robot Safety: The New R15.08 - Part 2 Standard

The new standard is here, and this is your chance for a digestible overview with a world-renowned safety expert in the mobile platform space! Chris Soranno, Manager of International Safety Standards at SICK, provides a high-level preview of the R15.08 Part 2 standard, offering viewers the opportunity to stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of robot safety.

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The Past, Present, and Future of Predictive Maintenance for your Operations

Business Consulting Industry 4.0 Divya Prakash discusses the rise in importance of predictive maintenance, different maintenance approaches with and without sensing technologies, and the opportunities for predictive maintenance in a variety of industries and settings—like manufacturing, energy, transportation, utilities, healthcare, and more. 

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How Deep Learning Can Help Robots Overcome Challenges Associated with Depalletization

Watch firsthand how 3D vision and AI help guide the world's leading cobot manufacturer, UR Robotics, turn depalletizing challenges into depalletizing wins in this webinar broadcast from SICK booth #S3831 on location at ProMat, North America's largest tradeshow dedicated to manufacturing, distribution and supply chain products and solutions.

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In situ or extractive CEMS? How to make either method successful through proper Analyzer Integration.

Figure out what continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS) may be best for you and how analyzer integration can help tie it all together!

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Recognition & Resolution of Problems with Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Watch this webinar recording to learn how using diagnostic profiles for the USM helps provide a roadmap for recognizing abnormal meter response and relating that response to pipeline operating conditions that may skew gas measurement. Hear actual operating examples of field measurement problems identified by using these diagnostics along with remedies. Lastly, you’ll be part of a discussion of automating diagnostics, data reduction and piping facilities design with a view toward providing operating personnel information regarding best practice deployment of USM’s and subsequent application of diagnostic evaluation!

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Myth Busting: 2D Vision for Robotics

SICK and Shibaura Machine debunk the most common myths surrounding 2D vision guided robotics technology. Broadcast from Shibaura Machine’s North American HQ near Chicago, with demonstrations of 2D vision guided robotics using Shibaura Machine’s SCARA and 6-Axis robots.  

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Top 5 Risks of Dynamic Picking Applications in Robotics and How to Address Them

Hosted by SICK, Inc. and mediated by “The Manufacturing Millennial” Jake Hall, listen to representatives from Kuka robotics, Schunk and SICK robot guidance to learn more about the top 5 risks of dynamic bin picking applications, how to address these risks, and how these critical components work together to deliver the results necessary for sustained productivity!

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Ultrasonic Measurement For The Downstream Market

In this video, Jereme Stuart, Sales Manager - Process Automation at SICK will be comparing ultrasonic technology to different measurement technologies currently used throughout the natural gas industry, looking at how ultrasonic measurement works, what parts and pieces are required for ultrasonic measurement, and taking a quick look at SICK's natural gas ultrasonic meter offerings.

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