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2020 Webinars

Simple Steps to Implementing Deep Learning Technology

In this on-demand webinar, SICK’s vision and deep learning expert provides insights on how to successfully implement deep learning machine vision to enhance your applications by using SICK’s industrial-grade smart cameras embedded with deep learning software.

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How to Precisely Measure Speed and Length of Endless Material without Contact

In this webinar, we will discuss a new technology from SICK called the SPEETEC non-contact sensor for speed and length measurement. This encoder avoids damage and contamination to surfaces being measured through high-quality design and numerous features.

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Benefits of a LiDAR-Based Occupancy Monitoring System

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn about SICK's newest technology called the PeopleCounter. This LiDAR-based sensor solution enables you to track the number of people entering or exiting a space, without collecting any personal information of individuals.

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An Inside Look at the Updated ANSI B11.19 Standard: Determining Safety Distances for Devices

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn how engineering control devices can be used to reduce risk to individuals in the workplace and the importance of considering safety distances when implementing them.

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Solutions for Whole Body Access as Addressed in the Updated ANSI B11 19 Standard

Join SICK and Bridgestone experts as they discuss how to find solutions that help reduce risk in situations where an individual may have full physical access to a safeguarded machine and remain undetected. .

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How to Reduce Forklift-Related Injuries with Autonomous Robots

Learn how AMRs are safety systems on wheels that can safely navigate among humans and other industrial equipment, improve safety and reduce forklift-related injuries, and so much more!

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