Terms of Use and Prerequisites for using SICK Remote Control

— Note: for a free download of the software, please accept the Terms Of Use at the bottom of this page —


SICK Remote Control

  • Released: May 23rd, 2017
  • File name: FastClient-SICK.exe
  • File size: 3.93 MB


Prerequisites for using SICK Remote Control

SICK Remote Control can only be used on systems with Internet access. You also require access permission to perform file downloads.

Only start the SICK Remote Control when requested to do so by a SICK employee. He/she will provide you will all the necessary information.


Your benefits

If you have a problem, you can provide permission for a SICK specialist to view and remotely control the affected PC. The SICK Remote Control access occurs via an encrypted Internet connection.


Installation notes

  1. Confirm our conditions of use.
  2. Start the download of the abovementioned file. Click “Start file download” for this.
  3. In the subsequent dialog window, click the “Open or run” button to start the program after downloading.
  4. The program is ready for operation when the dialog window for entering the session number is displayed.


Conditions of use for remote maintenance via “FastViewer supported”

  1. For support purposes, SICK and/or the customer provides permission to access their computer system using the “FastViewer supported” software.
  2. The remote access connection is established using 256-bit encryption via SICK-internal secure servers.
  3. To ensure unique identification of the connection, the session information is provided to the respective user via telephone or email before connection is established.
  4. An empty screen is displayed to you once connection has been established.
  5. No-one can view or remotely control your PC without your explicit permission.
  6. You can define the scope of access, the visible applications and the duration of the session for remote access to your computer.
  7. The access permissions provided by you can be revoked, or the session terminated, by you at any time during the session.
  8. No third-party programs are installed on your PC.
  9. SICK accepts no liability of any kind for malfunctions that may occur, even when these occur at a similar time to the support time.
  10. The session is logged and stored in our database for a period of 30 days.
  11. Execution of the file implies acceptance of the abovementioned conditions of use.


Note for Internet Explorer users

Due to internal IE security settings, users of certain version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser may find the ".EXE" file extension automatically removed from the downloaded executable. In this case, you may have to add the ".exe" extension manually before executing the application. We apologize for the inconvenience.