The challenge: Starting your career.

We offer plenty of support to make sure your carer starts successfully

Have you recently completed your degree and are now looking to start your career? Whether you are attracted to the technical or the commercial world, as a successful graduate and dedicated newcomer to the world of work, SICK will give you the opportunity to take on responsibilities and projects independently. With that independent work, you can count on our complete support to make sure that you succeed and that your talents and ambitions become strengths for your further development.

  • Your new tasks are already waiting for you.

    You have graduated and are ready to prove yourself immediately in a real working environment: This is the opportunity that starting your career in an entry level role gives you with SICK.

    To start with, we provide a robust new employee orientation as well as training tailored to you and your specific role. Also, a mentor will be there to help you right from day one: as a companion and your first port of call for all your questions.

    The support you receive from this experienced colleague will be of enormous help to you as you find your way in our company and get to know what we do and how we work. Ready to start your career? Find the list of career opportunities and apply here.

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  • SensorING - The program for your career start

    The SICK SensorING Rotational Program is designed to provide recent college graduates with robust professional knowledge and experiences. This program ensures graduates are well rounded once they complete the program and progress into their career with SICK.

    This program consists of separate tracks candidates can choose from and provides candidates with opportunities within different segments of the business through on the job training, classroom training, coursework, seminars, and other curriculum. At the conclusion of the program, candidates transition into a position based on their performance during the rotation. This placement takes into account the trainees input, but overall business conditions and need will determine final placement.

    The objective of the program is to have completed one of the finest professional on boarding programs, which gives the successful trainee an accelerated capability and career trajectory through their hands on knowledge of the broader business. Interested in learning more? Please find all current SensorING openings here.

    Rotational Program Flyer Technician

    Rotational Program Flyer Engineer

    Zach Martens – Technical Engineer Trainee Program Graduate

    "The rotational program has provided me a well-rounded view of the diverse industrial automation market that SICK plays in. By the end of the program, I had a unique and valuable perspective of the business that few get. Having an opportunity to learn and grow in several roles early on in my career has been immensely helpful in answering "what do I want to be when I grow up". I would recommend the program to anyone wanting to challenge themselves and jump into their career with both feet. "



    Katie Larson – Technical Engineer Trainee Program Graduate

    "The SICK SensorING Rotational Program has been an excellent experience for me. As I concluded my college career, I was specifically looking for a rotational program and SICK provided exactly what I had in mind. The six month stints are a significant length in order to get exposure to what is incorporated within the position, establish working relationships and have an impact within the company. As the months have passed, I continue to meet more coworkers and have grabbed dinner after work with many of them! Having built these bonds has enabled me to work on projects more efficiently, since I know who to contact to get tasks done. Also, making these connections has made moving to a new state with no family or friends here more manageable. Having done manufacturing and engineering internships in the past, the roles in this rotation have been different from those experiences, but that has led me to grow into a more well-rounded employee!"



    Jacob Thalhuber – Technical Engineer Trainee Program Graduate

    "I'm thankful to work for a company that is willing to invest so much in my professional development. The rotations provide different perspectives of the organization and a better understanding of the SICK business. I'm most thankful for the great relationships that were built along the way. This program lays the foundation for a great career at SICK. The SensorING Rotational Program is a true embodiment of SICK Way."



    Brett Olson – Technical Engineer Trainee Program Graduate

    "I had a fantastic experience with SICK throughout my time in the rotational program! I was paired with very competent managers and mentors that helped me learn more about SICK and improve my own personal skills. While learning about the organization, I was able to get experience in multiple industries and learn from different roles to gain a full understanding of the different opportunities that I have at SICK."