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A wealth of opportunities for committed students.

Gather valuable experience and extend your knowledge with us here at SICK. You will have the opportunity to learn hands-on, work directly with a team and make contacts within the company that will be of use to you long into the future. You will benefit in many ways – including excellent training and experience that you can bring with you into future opportunities. Because we are convinced that your commitment deserves fair, all-round support right from the very beginning, we ensure that students are given a great experience with us here at SICK.

Intern Testimonials

  • Jacob Laupan – Technical Customer Care Intern

    Being able to be a part of the Internship program was an unforgettable opportunity that I would recommend to anyone looking to start off their career. SICK provides a plethora of resources that allow you to find the answer to any question you might have. Another thing that really stuck out during my time here was the culture of the company. Everyone I have met has always been extremely passionate about not just their work but about working for SICK. Between the people I have met and the skills I have developed at SICK, I could not be more thankful this jump start in my career.

  • Anthony Pomerleau - Digital Marketing and Analytics Intern

    Interning at SICK this summer has been very rewarding. I have learned a lot about how a successful company operates day-in and day-out. I’ve been able to take on projects that matter and have a big impact. Collaborating with the marketing team and other interns has been a great experience as everyone strives to create work that they are proud of. I have enjoyed working here and would recommend SICK as a great place to work.

    Maggie Wolfgram – Industry Marketing Intern

    I am so grateful for my time at SICK. I was able to work with many amazing people who were willing to help me learn and develop as a professional. I am amazed at the many opportunities I had and the projects that I was able to work on as an intern. This experience has provided me with a fun and engaging first experience that I will be able to draw from in whatever work experience I encounter next.

    Porter Conklin – Digital Marketing & Graphic Design Intern

    The intern program at SICK was a privilege to participate in and changed my perspective on jobs moving forward. The resources and guidance I were given made the learning process feel organic and created opportunities to expand my abilities. Being around bright and friendly co-workers helped me adjust to the corporate world while also having fun. The connections and industry knowledge I gained throughout the summer made it a one-of-a-kind experience that will propel me forward in my career journey.

    Heather McMasters – Learning and Development Intern

     I have enjoyed the past twelve weeks at SICK immensely. At first, adjusting to a 40-hour work week and office life was difficult but I was made to feel welcome right away and was able to bond with my fellow interns. My manager and mentor took time to ensure that my projects required both strategic thinking and creativity rather than sticking me with menial work. My time at SICK has confirmed my passion for learning and development and I feel so much more confident and excited about my future.

  • Chris Thacker – MPM Services Intern

     I was very fortunate to spend a summer learning and growing through SICK’s internship program. The office culture at SICK is very welcoming and focused on supporting each other. If I had a question, there was always someone that could provide the answer or point me in the right direction. I am very grateful for the experience and network I was able to develop throughout the summer at SICK.

    Katherine Gerhardt – MPM Services Intern

    As a SICK intern, I got the opportunity to learn, grow, and challenge myself both personally and professionally. I had a chance to work on some very impactful projects and was supported by a great team in doing so. I had an amazing experience working with industry professionals at SICK as well as collaborating with fellow interns on projects.  From this experience, I have gained valuable skills, professional experience, and friendships.

    Carter Bloomquist – CSP MPM Intern

     Interning with SICK has been an incredible experience. Throughout my time here I have gained a lot of insight that will help me in my future endeavors. I was entrusted with meaningful and challenging work that not only positively affected me but SICK as a whole. My mentors and manager gave me guidance, encouraged me to ask questions, and valued my input. Overall, this is an amazing place to work with a great culture, and I will for sure be keeping SICK in mind as a possible future employer.

    Rachel Johnson – SE MPM

    As a Market Product Manager intern at SICK, I felt grateful for the countless opportunities given to me, both in terms of personal and professional development. My team has been enormously encouraging and trusting in me to handle impactful, large scope projects, and they have also been such supportive resources in terms of life and career development. I am both thankful for the resources provided by SICK that allowed me to explore my passions and proud of myself for accomplishing such meaningful work.

  • Bryce Becker – Logistics Intern

    My 2022 SICK Internship experience from early March to late August was a fun and educational experience. During my internship, I helped SICK move from their old Savage Facility to their new Bloomington Facility. I was able to learn valuable SAP and Inventory management skills This internship was fantastic, and I got a better understanding of supply chain after being here 25 weeks. 

  • Vanessa Cardaropoli – Software Engineer Intern

    SICK's internship program is so well organized. I always had something to keep me busy. The project that my manager and mentor defined for me was well thought out and well scoped. This internship has given me great experience in my ideal industry and surprised me with how many soft skills I also learned. I was the only intern in my office, but I was still able to connect with the other interns remotely. Overall, this internship exceeded my expectations, and I am so grateful that I decided to apply.

    Ayush Patel – Mechanical Systems Engineer Intern

    In the short time I’ve interned at SICK, I believe I have learned a plethora of information while also gaining invaluable experience. For my first non-academic work experience, working at SICK has given me a newfound passion and interest in engineering that academia was unable to show me. So far, I’ve worked on multiple projects with experienced engineers which has further sparked my ambition to learn. Even though this was just a summer internship, I was treated as though I were a permanent asset to the team and company.

    Andrew Danciak - Product Development and Software Engineer Intern

    My internship at SICK was a great way to expand my knowledge of what I learned in school into a professional industry environment. I received an engaging, hands-on experience writing firmware for sensors that will go into production; I would not have gotten such an amazing experience anywhere else. I am very grateful for this incredible opportunity to intern at SICK.

    Alper Basar – Mechanical Engineer Intern

    Interning at Sick provided a ton of R&D experience firsthand. The program allowed me to use my engineering knowledge to produce solutions for both Sick and for customers. The dynamic between employees provided an environment for growth in both engineering experience and interpersonal office experience. Trust and communication between employees was very prevalent during my internship and created the atmosphere of a tight knit group tackling problems as a team in a friendly working environment.