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A wealth of opportunities for committed students.

Gather valuable experience and extend your knowledge with us here at SICK. You will have the opportunity to learn hands-on, work directly with a team and make contacts within the company that will be of use to you long into the future. You will benefit in many ways – including excellent training and experience that you can bring with you into future opportunities. Because we are convinced that your commitment deserves fair, all-round support right from the very beginning, we ensure that students are given a great experience with us here at SICK.

  • SICK participates in a variety of career fairs throughout the year at Universities, local recruiting events and national recruiting events to engage with talent like you.  Please check back for an updated list of events where you can find us!


    Texas A&M1/25/2018Reed Arena
    University of Houston2/1/2018Student Center: Cullen College of Engineering 
    Northeastern University2/1/2018Cadot Athletic Center 
    UW Madison- Engineering2/5/20182nd Floor – Gordon Dining and Event Center
    Iowa State2/6/2018Hilton Coliseum and Scheman Building 
    U of MN Engineering2/7/2018Mariucci Arena
    Boston University2/7/2018775 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston
    NDSU Engineering Fair2/7/2018Fargodome
    WPI2/15/2018Sport and Recreation Center
    U of MN Job and Internship Fair2/26/2018Minneapolis Convention Center
    Dunwoody Technical College2/28/2018Dunwoody
    Recruit Military3/1/2018San Diego


  • SICK offers a variety of opportunities for interns to gain experience and knowledge from.  These internships are typically 3-6 months in length and are offered at all four of our U.S. locations.  Internships are generally announced at the beginning of the year for summer opportunities and are also available throughout the year as well, such as Co-op opportunities. 

    Interns can expect to be involved in projects that directly impact the organization and will pertain to their interests and skill sets.  At SICK, we believe it is important for students to have the opportunity to get hands-on, real world involvement and we ensure that we provide a meaningful experience.

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