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A wealth of opportunities for committed students.

Gather valuable experience and extend your knowledge with us here at SICK. You will have the opportunity to learn hands-on, work directly with a team and make contacts within the company that will be of use to you long into the future. You will benefit in many ways – including excellent training and experience that you can bring with you into future opportunities. Because we are convinced that your commitment deserves fair, all-round support right from the very beginning, we ensure that students are given a great experience with us here at SICK.

  • For current internship and co-op opportunities, please visit our Career Opportunities page and search the key word "intern" or "internship.

    Intern Testimonials:

    • David & Eli

      David Haim (Pictured Left)
      Customer Care Systems Intern 2018

      “I've had the opportunity of a lifetime being able to be a part of such an awesome company. I am truly honored to be trusted with such a complex project this past summer. The experience and skills I've gained here will give me an extreme advantage in my future professional career and I could not be more thankful. Sick is a great company through and through. I had the opportunity to visit each site over the summer and was able to get a detailed picture of company culture on a greater scale. I think what I value the most about my colleagues at Sick is that they are simply 'normal' people who happen to be smart and talented in what they do. I never had a bad experience with any employee and I think that in itself is notable.”

      Eli Cherem (Pictured Right)
      Customer Care Training Intern 2018

      “The best part about my internship at SICK was the exposure to technology, working in teams, project based work, and team work. Throughout my project at SICK I had exposure to many of the different roles within the organization and the work that they do. This helps me better prepare myself for the type of career I desire and helps me focus my educational development to achieve those goals.”


    • Mark

      Mark Shaklee
      Marketing Intern 2018

      “The best part about my internship at SICK was the way they respected my ability to contribute by giving me challenging, important work, and supporting me along the way with quick answers to any questions I had.”

    • Trevor

      Trevor McGuire
      Strategic Product Management Intern 2018

      "I love SICK for many great reasons. Friendly people. Innovative minds. Winning as one. The SICK Way!"

  • SICK participates in a variety of career fairs throughout the year at Universities, local recruiting events and national recruiting events to engage with talent like you.  Please check back for an updated list of events where you can find us!



    School/Event Date Location Time Skip the line at the event! Let us know you are attending by completing the pre-registration form below:

    Texas A & M

    9/5/2019 Kyle Field 9:00am-4pm
    University of Wisconsin- Madison 9/11/2019Gordon Event Center 1pm-6pm 
    University of Minnesota9/17/2019Mariucci Arena12pm-6pm 

    WPI9/19/2019Sports and Recreation Center12pm-4pm 
    MIT9/20/2019Johnson Athletic Center11am-4pm
    Milwaukee School of Engineering9/26/2019Kern Center3pm-7pm 
    Dunwoody College of Technology9/26/2019Dunwoody College of Technology11:30am-1:30pm
    California Polytechnic Institute10/2/2019Recreation Center10:30am-2:30pm
    University of California Berkeley10/16/2019Student Union- 3rd floor Ballroom12pm-4pm 
    Society of Women Engineers 11/7-11/8/19Anaheim Convention Center2:30pm-6pm 11/7 and 9:30am-4:00pm 11/8