Automatic Identification Overview

One Automatic Identification Technology Fits All? - Not at SICK
Choose which automatic identification technology is best for you. SICK is the only industry provider of bar code scanners, 2D code readers and RFID solutions combined. Because SICK offers all three identification technologies - you can select the ideal technology for your application, or more than one if the application requires it. All from one supplier. Why use 2D code readers if 1D will solve the application? As the market leader with the largest number of worldwide installations, we have the experience and widest range of solutions that provide maximum throughput and reduced costs.

Image-based Code Reading (1D, 2D)
  • SICK's image-based code reading solutions include the Lector®620, which is ideal for fixed mount, close-range applications.
  • The Lector®650 offers more advanced features, such as dynamic focus for automated sortation systems and is also ideal for traceability in manufacturing.
Linear / 1D Code Reading
  • Powerful, flexible and easy to use CLV600 series bar code scanners offer a high scanning frequncy of up to 1,200 Hz in combination with SMART code reconstruction of damaged 1D codes.
  • RFID makes it possible to store data on writable and rewriteable media. SICK offers the ultra-high frequency RFU620/630, and the high frequency RFH620/630 for ranges up to 240 mm.
Hand-held Scanners
  • Hand-held scanners are used in a wide range of industries. Manually reading codes takes too long and is susceptible to errors. The IDM family of scanners records data in seconds, eliminating those reading errors.
  • The ICR890 is a CCD-based camera system that reads 1D and 2D bar codes used in high-performance sortation systems. The ICR880 is a more compact line scan camera for smaller sorters.
  • Volume measurement systems (VMS) from SICK record the shape of almost any object or package– even if oversized. The volume is reliably calculated, reducing costs.
  • SICK's Analytics Solutions are a suite of industry-tailored software that analyzes data and images collected from intelligent sensors, such as bar code scanners, image code readers and RFID.