Manual measurement, weighing, and scanning of irregularly shaped objects

This dimensioning, weighing, and scanning system reads the bar code and determines the weight and dimensions of an item in a single step. Specially designed for measuring cubic and irregularly shaped items, DWS520 is a complete solution with an integrated roller conveyor specifically for smaller throughputs at manual facilities or for post-processing of rejects (up to 500 items per hour). The system is commissioned in a matter of minutes and can be used as a mobile station. With DWS510 Static, a single-head solution is available for cubic items. Both systems are certified so they can be used for invoicing (legal-for-trade).

  • Following product families can be used
    Product family DWS Static
    Manual Dimensioning, Weighing and Scanning
    • Dimensioning, weighing and identification data with the push of a button
    • Complete solution with integrated frame and roller conveyor
    • Commissioning within a few minutes
    • Legal-for-trade approved (according to OIML, MID and NAWI)
    • Special versions for irregular and oversized objects available