Green Packaging

SICK Green Packaging Image
SICK Green Packaging Image

Why SICK is taking action

Packaging accounts for the majority of solid waste. In the USA, for example, packaging waste is estimated to account for 30 percent of total waste. Reducing this value is also important because, in most cases, the packaging is only used for a short period of time compared to the service life of the product. To minimize plastic waste, SICK is working on environmentally compatible packaging with reusable materials. The responsible use of resources defines SICK's sustainability strategy.

Innovative ideas for sustainable packaging

We are constantly working on environmentally friendly packaging to reduce the use of petroleum-based plastics. To do this, we replace plastic either with cardboard or paper, or use recycled plastics instead. In addition, we aim to further reduce the volume and weight of plastic and paper packaging.

With these measures, SICK is addressing the problem of environmental pollution caused by microplastics and reducing energy consumption during transport. Wherever it is possible and practical, we would like to do without new plastic in the future and use recyclates. We are replacing finite resources with renewable ones: Recycled paper, recyclates and wood from sustainable forestry will be used more and more in the future.
The first projects have already been implemented: Instead of typical two-component foam, SICK now uses firmer paper for transport protection. The use of bubble wrap with a recycled content of at least 50 percent also ensures safe transport. Instead of standard plastic packaging, three different sizes of plastic bags are now used, reducing the secondary packaging. Moreover, with smaller and adjusted packaging sizes, not only is plastic consumption reduced, but overall packaging volume is as well. This reduces the carbon footprint from packaging to transport.

With “Green Packaging”, SICK is assuming responsibility for an intact environment and continuously developing innovative and environmentally-friendly packaging solutions together with its packaging suppliers.