3D LiDAR sensors

Anonymous and reliable people counting

Your Benefits

  • Anonymized people counting in public spaces
  • Read out of current utilization of space
  • Reliable identification of the direction of movement of people at entrances and exits
  • Reliable differentiation between humans and objects: Humans are detected and objects are not considered due to their contours.
  • Quick and easy commissioning


Anonymous and reliable people counting

The PeopleCounter is a solution developed by SICK which enables differentiation of people from objects over large detection areas. Based on the hardware of the MRS1000 3D LiDAR sensor, which generates measurement data in the form of a point cloud, the integrated SensorApp processes the data. With the PeopleCounter, people can be reliably identified using their contours. This means only people are counted, while objects are blanked out. The process runs without recording personal data, ensuring anonymized data processing.

At a glance
  • Exact measurement data output via telegrams and digital outputs
  • Intuitive user interface for representation and configuration of the application
  • Large aperture angle and four layers of the MRS1000
  • Shoulder-head-shoulder contour detection
  • Pre-programmed, application-specific app based on a 3D LiDAR sensor


SICK has the solution for quickly, easily and anonymously identifying the exact number of people in a space: the PeopleCounter, a combination of an MRS1000 3D LiDAR sensor and a SensorApp. The PeopleCounter makes it possible for 3D-LiDAR sensors to count of people using artificial intelligence. With its four scan planes, the direction of movement of people is identified and people are detected as such by the SensorApp thanks to the detection of head and shoulder contours. This makes it possible reliably differentiate people from objects.

PeopleCounter complete package: the MRS1000 3D LiDAR sensor generates the measurement data and the integrated SensorApp reliably identifies people using their contours.

PeopleCounter in use – people are reliably detected and accurately counted
The four scan planes of the MRS1000 scan the direction of movement of people
The detection of head and shoulder contours ensures reliable differentiation of people from objects

Anonymous people counting: identification and classification of people using their contour data without taking pictures or recording personal information

Thanks to the adjustment options of the SensorApp, the PeopleCounter can be applied in a wide range of areas: for example, operating entities of public as well as tourist facilities, restaurants and retail stores can profit from its use. In addition to monitoring the current number of people in a space, different app functions enable the collection of additional information, such as the time at which most of the people entered or exited the space or the time of day at which the most people were situated in a pre-defined area.

The PeopleCounter features many functions and delivers useful information for processing the collected data.

The PeopleCounter features a master-slave function. This allows for the use of more than 10 devices. It also enables the monitoring of several access points to a space and the monitoring of entry and exit areas of more than 10 m in width.
In real time, the MRS1000 detects the current number of people in the monitored area and evaluates the corresponding data. An additional computing unit is not necessary. Complete sets are available for quick commissioning.
The PeopleCounter outputs the collected data via measurement telegrams and digital outputs. The current space utilization can then be displayed directly on a monitor, or using a traffic light system as is sometimes used for regulating entry into businesses. The data is available for up to 30 days in the internal memory of the PeopleCounter.

Person detection with a counting accuracy of more than 98% – there is no risk of confusing people and objects such as shopping carts

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Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Measurement principleHDDM+
    Integrated applicationPeople counting
    Aperture angle
    Vertical7.5°, Over 4 scan layers
    Angular resolution0.25°
    Working range≤ 10 m, Width of the counting range
    Scanning range
    At 10% remission16 m
    At 90% remission30 m
    Amount of evaluated echoes3
    Scanning frequency50 Hz, 4 x 12.5 Hz
    Weight1.2 kg
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product