2D LiDAR sensors

Your Benefits

  • Reliable position determination and navigation even in highly demanding ambient condition, thanks to the enclosure rating up to IP 67, integrated heating, and vibration resistance
  • Compact size – suitable even for use in small vehicles
  • Precise, fast collection of spatial contour data and/or simultaneous determination of reflector data in real time
  • Integrated evaluation of measured data reduces computing load in the vehicle computer
  • Excellent flexibility, as guided-track control is possible even in areas without reflector marks


The NAV2xx 2D LiDAR sensors also work with precision and reliability in small and medium-sized vehicles. Thanks to its integrated heating, excellent vibration resistance, and enclosure rating up to IP 67, the NAV2xx even satisfies requirements for use outdoors or in cold storage. Priced to ensure outstanding value for money, the 2D LiDAR sensors support scanning ranges of up to 30 m on reflectors and up to 50 m on spatial contours. When combined with raw data collection, the technology even allows guided track-controlled vehicles to travel in areas where it is not possible to apply reflector marks (automated truck loading or block storage areas, for example). Integrated evaluation of measurement data reduces computing load in the vehicle computer – ensuring reliable position determination in real time.

At a glance
  • Integrated data evaluation for determining reflector positions
  • Large working range on reflector (30 m), 10% remission (18 m), spatial contours (50 m)
  • Large detection angle
  • High scanning frequency with low angular resolution on reflectors
  • High resistance to temperature thanks to integrated heating and IP 65 / IP 67


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    ApplicationIndoor / Outdoor
    Aperture angle
    Angular resolution

    0.25°, on raw / contour data

    0.001°, on reflectors

    Working range0.5 m ... 50 m, 30 m on reflectors
    Scanning range
    At 10% remission18 m
    At 90% remission50 m
    Scanning frequency≥ 25 Hz
    Ambient operating temperature–30 °C ... +50 °C
    Weight1.1 kg
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product