Checking presence and monitoring accumulation on singulation conveyors

The presence of conveyed items at different points on the singulation system must be checked to monitor the accumulation of these items and to control the upstream vibratory bowl feeder. Here, the rugged and easy-to-align WFL fork sensor detects whether or not the linear track is at full capacity. For applications with little available space, the W2S-2 miniature photoelectric sensor is the ideal choice. The photoelectric sensor's background suppression reduces faults. For metallic objects, the IH04 or IM05 inductive proximity sensors can alternatively be used to check for presence.

  • Following product families can be used
    • Very precise Class 1 laser
    • Simple and precise setting of the switching threshold via IO-Link, teach-in button, or plus/minus buttons
    • Fast response time: 100 μs
    • PNP and NPN switching output
    • Light/dark switching function
    • Stable aluminum housing with IP 65 enclosure rating
    • Smart sensor with integrated IO-Link interface
    • Sensor with background suppression and without any significant black/white shift
    • PinPoint 2.0 LED with extended sensing distances and high operating reserves
    • A variety of application possibilities thanks to clearly-defined laser-like or line-shaped light spots
    • Detection of highly-transparent and reflective objects using sensors with V-optics
    • Photoelectric retro-reflective sensor with autocollimation and a clearly visible light spot

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