Inductive proximity sensors

Miniature sensors for industrial applications

Your Benefits

  • Space-saving installation and significant flexibility in machine design thanks to the compact size
  • High positioning accuracy and precise switching behavior for reliable detection of fast handling and assembly processes
  • Stable processes and high plant availability thanks to 3-fold sensing range
  • High detection sensitivity makes possible reliable detection of small objects
  • High degree of flexibility and communication options thanks to IO-Link
  • Simple mounting thanks to visual adjustment indicator
  • The low weight of the sensor enables fast acceleration in dynamic handling processes


Miniature sensors for industrial applications

Minimal space requirements paired with maximum performance characterize the IMM inductive proximity sensors. They allow the highest level of miniaturization without compromise. Thanks to the 3-fold sensing range up to 6 mm, IMM devices detect objects from a greater distance than before. Due to their small size, low weight and quick and precise switching behavior, the IMM sensors are ideal for highly dynamic handling and assembly processes. State-of-the-art ASIC technology enables the integration of a visual adjustment indicator as well as communication via IO-Link, version 1.1. This saves time for commissioning, reduces installation errors and turns the sensors into suppliers of data for future automation applications at the same time.

At a glance
  • Design: M4 to M5, diameter: 3 mm to 6.5 mm
  • Extended sensing ranges: 0.6 mm to 6 mm
  • Electrical configuration: DC, 3-wire
  • Enclosure rating: IP67
  • Temperature range: –25 °C to +70 °C
  • Rugged stainless-steel housing, plastic sensing face
  • 3-fold sensing ranges, visual adjustment indicator, IO-Link communication


Maximum sensing ranges for great freedom in machine design

Minimal space requirements thanks to the tiny dimensions are what characterize the IMM miniature sensors from SICK. And they make no compromises when it comes to performance. With their large sensing ranges of up 6 mm, they IMM ensure stable processes and detect objects from a safe distance. The combination of a large sensing range and minimal space requirements increases freedom for machine design as well as the field of application of the sensors. This means not only can non-ferrous metals be detected at long distances, but the sensors can also be used where currently only larger sensors are deployed due to the required sensing ranges.

Perfectly suited for applications with tight installation space but high standards on the sensing range.

Thanks to the threefold sensing ranges of up to 6 mm, the IMM sensors detect every object from a safe distance.

The smallest IMM sensors are only 12 mm long and have a diameter of just 3 mm: This is how IMM sensors can fit in such small installation spaces.

Minimum space requirements of the sensors in the M8 and M12 sizes without compromises in the sensing range.

Stable processes and high flexibility in machine design thanks to large sensing ranges and compact miniature design

Fast, easy and safe installation

With IMM sensors, you save valuable time when installing the sensors, thereby increasing your productivity. Thanks to the visual adjustment indicator, you have a simple way to ensure reliable sensor function during operation. The high tightening torques and the specially-designed mounting accessories facilitate sensor mounting and ensure permanent and secure assembly. In addition, the IMM are equipped with IO-Link version 1.1. In addition to simple sensor diagnostics and easy access to data, this also supports the assembly process. Device exchange and identification therefore only takes a few seconds, and considerably less wiring work is required thanks to integration into the PLC system via remote IO-Link master modules.

Huge time savings during installation thanks to additional functions and accessories

Visual adjustment indicator: the LED signalizes when the secured sensing range has been reached.

Reinforced V2A housing for high tightening torques as well as associated mounting accessories make mounting even easier and more secure.
IO-Link: simple device exchange and quick device identification, minimal wiring effort and easy sensor diagnostics as well as easy access to data.

Thanks to the visual adjustment indicator, IO-Link as well as the associated accessories, installation of IMM sensors is quick and easy.

The best choice for highly dynamic handling and assembly processes

In addition to the compact size, the high positioning accuracy and precise switching behavior are the most significant requirements in handling and assembly processes. The IMM sensors with high switching frequency, high repeatability and stable switching signals fulfill these requirements unconditionally. While large sensors often reach their limits with very small objects, IMM devices reliably detect even small objects and are therefore optimally suited for the detection of the tiniest components in supply processes. The low weight of the sensors enables fast acceleration of moving components. A flexible cable is also available on request, which means that highly dynamic processes with several movement cycles per day are no longer a challenge.

High positioning accuracy and precise switching behavior for reliable detection of fast processes.

High detection sensitivity makes possible the detection of small objects such as wires, nuts and screws.

The low weight and flexible cables enable fast acceleration and high bending stresses in dynamic handling processes (flexible cable available on request).

IMM sensors are perfectly designed for handling and assembly applications


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    HousingCylindrical smooth housing / Cylindrical thread design
    Thread size

    M4 x 0.5

    M5 x 0.5

    DiameterØ 3 mm ... Ø 6.5 mm
    Sensing range Sn0.6 mm ... 6 mm
    Housing materialStainless steel V2A
    Enclosure ratingIP68 / IP69K / IP67
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product