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Automation goes mobile

The rapid pace of progress in electronics and sensor technology is determining the level of innovation in mobile machines today. The manufacturers and users of agricultural and forestry, construction and mining machines as well as special and municipal vehicles are harnessing the potential of intelligent sensors.

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Automation in Electronics

The electronics industry is one of the driving forces behind industrial progress and therefore always experiences market changes very early on and very clearly. Product life cycles are becoming ever shorter and the quality requirements ever higher, which currently poses extraordinary challenges to the industry.

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Flexibility and Productivity Working in Harmony

Batch size 1 and individualized mass products are the key aims of Industry 4.0. To make this a reality, a machine or plant must be able to handle variable product infeeds and adapt to different formats. Sensors and actuators make such adaptations possible. Any product size and shape can be produced flexibly on one machine.

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Simply Reliable, Simply Efficient: Added Quality in Our Sights

In industrial environments, capturing reality safely and reliably requires much more than just a vision.  For this reason, we offer a broad spectrum of vision sensors, starting with compact devices that are easy to integrate, through configurable standalone solutions, and beyond to programmable high-speed cameras for the most demanding of requirements.
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Networking Safety and Productivity

The factories of tomorrow are increasingly set to blur the lines between humans and machines, with teams containing robots and people working side by side. This requires a different approach to safety – one that addresses the need to respond to a range of situations with flexibility.

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Global Solution Provider





Local presence, global network: Find the ideal solution with SICK

It has been over 40 years since SICK began to extend its presence in the different parts of the world. This means that customers all over the world have direct access to SICK at all times – a key requirement when developing customer-specific solutions. Our innovations provide intelligent, efficient, and precise solutions for a multitude of tasks in a huge range of industries.


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Networked Production: Sensor Intelligence Optimizes Data Availability Along the Entire Supply Chain

Industry is currently facing the challenge of networking machines and overarching IT systems in production processes. The aim of this process is to gain an overview of all production and logistics processes along the entire supply chain, right through to order fulfillment and delivery to the customer. In this respect, it is essential to ensure that all available data is transparent so that goods can be produced individually to suit customer needs right down to batch size 1, or adapted to suit fluctuations in demand as flexibly and efficiently as possible.

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Safe Food Chain



Reliable sensor solutions for a safe food chain

Progress in food technology, the globalization of trade, and shifts in our eating habits have created new conditions for the production and consumption of food. Not only are food chains becoming increasingly global, they are also becoming more and more complex, often leading to health risks in food supply. Information on origin, quality, and safety of the food we eat every day is therefore equally important for both consumers and the food industry.

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Clean Processes




Ressource-Efficient Production

Process parameters must be measured and monitored continuously in order to ensure optimized industrial processes that maintain a clean environment offering a high quality of life. On top of this, failures and faults in the process sequence have to be prevented. By using precise, reliable sensors and systems from SICK for analysis and process measurement technology, facility operators can achieve maximum measurement accuracy and safety in every area of process monitoring.

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Flexibility in Logistics




Individualization in line with productivity

On the one hand, customers and business partners expect us to provide a wide array of options and tailor our products and services to suit their individual needs. At the same time, we are expected to improve transparency in areas such as logistics processes. Such demands have an impact on the entire value chain and seem to contradict everything that stands for efficiency and productivity.

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Reliable detection makes the difference

With new and more exceptional products in increasingly original packaging on the production line, sensors must also face new challenges every day in terms of reliable detection, counting, and positioning of objects and units.

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Green Efficiency


Increase efficiency. Protect the environment. Intelligent sensors for environmentally friendly solutions

From production and logistics to emissions monitoring and energy recovery, intelligent SICK sensors can be found in every kind of application. They provide important data that makes it possible to use resources more efficiently and counteract hazards to people and the environment.

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Industrial Internet


More transparency: Intelligent sensors provide data for Industry 4.0

What elements of Industrial Internet or Industry 4.0 have already become reality? Who are the pioneers of the development and what does this mean for the design of production processes?

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Scanner and Vision




Seeing, detecting, understanding: Harnessing scanners and vision technology for industry

SICK’s innovative sensors are so rugged that they can withstand the harsh requirements of industrial contexts effortlessly. This ability to be used in industrial applications has always been an essential feature of camera-based sensor technology as well as laser-based detection and ranging solutions.

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Safety and security




On the safe side: Reliably minimize risks with SICK

Using intelligent technology to protect machines and people or to prevent emissions leads to a safer and cleaner production – but it also creates competitive advantages thanks to more efficient processes and a reduction in downtime. These are investements providing benefits on a range of levels.

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