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SICK AS changes managing director

 "Som en del av SICK konsernets salgs- og servicestrategi har styret i morselskapet tatt beslutningen om å avslutte Ingemar Händestams oppdrag som leder for SICK sin virksomhet i Norge. Göran Roxström tar over som selskapets leder den 1 juli, 2019."

Q and A - Collaborative robots

Collaborative robots have quickly become a trending topic in the robotics industry, but how much do you really know about them? - This post covers the basics of what collaborative robots are, how they are different from service robots and other industrial robots, and the all-important question of how these robots can be safeguarded to help prevent human injury.

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SICK reduces the number of lost suitcases with automated identification

When you finally are going for the summer vacation and the only thing you think about is to get off the aircraft, pick up your luggage and go to the hotel. Then it happens, your suitcase is gone and it turns out that it has been sent to Dublin instead of Dubai. Learn more about how SICK works to minimize these events.

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Autonomous processes for more yield

As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once put it himself, “sowing is not as difficult as reaping”. Since then, much has changed owing to the motorization and mechanization of agriculture. And yet, harvesting crops is still an activity in which every helping hand is appreciated. Solutions for improving the efficiency in the harvesting process are therefore like a seed ready to flourish. One instance of this “technological seed” is the WGS (Windrow Guidance System) from SICK.

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SICK on course for substantial growth and innovation

The SICK Group achieved record results during the 2017 fiscal year. By the end of the reporting period on 31.12.2017, orders received exceeded those of the previous year by 10.3 percent, amounting to EUR 1,542.8 m. Sales, of which more than 20 percent took place in Germany, grew by 11.0 percent to EUR 1,511.6 m.

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