Verification and Optimization

Maximum process reliability thanks to calibration

Your Benefits

  • Maximum accuracy of the measurement result
  • Safety for your company and customers
  • Measuring device and calibration from a single source
  • Continually reliable process control
  • Calibration under fixed laboratory conditions
  • Written proof of compliance with promised device properties


Maximum process reliability thanks to calibration

SICK is a reliable manufacturer of process and analysis technology with many years of experience in this product segment. In addition, SICK sets high standards with the durability, accuracy, and long-term stability of its products. Calibration plays a key part when it comes to ensuring accuracy. The devices are tested against a reference and aligned with it if technically possible. Regular calibration ensures that device properties stipulated in the product specification are maintained in the long term and that processes remain stable for our customers. This saves time and resources.

At a glance
  • Functional check by trained personal
  • Performance of calibration
  • Evaluation of measured value deviation
  • Verification under laboratory conditions
  • Documentation based on calibration log


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