Product and system support
Exchange units

Your Benefits

  • No red tape: the focus is on troubleshooting, so customers receive replacement units quickly
  • Short downtime: exchange units are quickly available
  • Cost savings: cheaper than installing a new device
  • Up-to-date: exchange units feature cutting edge technology
  • Assurance: full warranty for faulty components
  • Flexible device replacement: exchange units available on-site and/or upon request
  • Customizable: shipped with application-specific device parameters (optional)


To minimize system downtime, replacement devices must be available as soon as possible. Exchange units, available on short notice, provide an alternative to repairs and replacement equipment stored on site. SICK quickly provides these devices as required without red tape, even before the components to be replaced arrive at the repair center. The exchange units are not only new, but also feature the latest technology. It is also possible to provide the components with pre-set, application-specific device parameters. With original replacement devices from SICK, these devices can be easily and flexibly adjusted to meet customer requirements.

At a glance
  • Advance delivery of exchange units
  • Detailed investigation of failure causes and advice about preventative measures (optional)


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