Product and system support

Set-up of defined functions

Your Benefits

  • Maximum availability and productivity due to application-optimized settings
  • Cost savings thanks to fewer downtimes, malfunctions or consequential damages
  • Planning security due to a quick shift to normal operation
  • Time savings due to archiving of the parameters and commissioning documentation for possible conversion or maintenance work


Set-up of defined functions

Professional commissioning by SICK ensures optimal performance of the SICK product. Commissioning includes the set-up of previously defined functions of the SICK product taking into account the interface to the machine or system and the ambient conditions of the customer application.

The SICK product and the respective system part are handed over to the customer during a documented end approval with instructions. With the commissioning, the customer profits from quick processing of the qualified SICK technician and the high level of availability from the first day. At a fixed price so that commissioning costs remain manageable.

At a glance
  • Set-up of previously defined functions
  • Mechanical fine adjustment of the alignment
  • Configuration of application-specific parameters
  • Final function check, archiving of the parameters and handover to the employees


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