Sensor solutions for mobile platforms: Environment perception and safety

During transportation mobile vehicles and carts have to be able to recognize and perceive their environment. This prevents collisions with objects or people, and ensures  safe and reliable process operations.





Collision avoidance

Every collision causes additional expenses due to machine downtimes. Single-beam photoelectric safety sensors, 2D and 3D sensors, give early, contact-free warnings against collisions and thus prevent them.

Collision avoidance with single-beam photoelectric safety switches L41

Collision avoidance with Ultrasonic sensors

2D-collision avoidance with TiM1xx

2D-collision avoidance with TiM3xx

3D-collision avoidance with MRS1000

3D-collision avoidance with Visionary-T

Safety control

For an easy integration of all safety components SICK offers a flexible and user-friendly safe control portfolio, ranging from simple safety relays to configurable safety controls.

Safety relays

Safety controllers


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