Array sensors

Ax20 array sensors for edge and diameter detection solutions

Your Benefits

  • Cost-effective solution to reliably determine edge position and width measurement
  • Easy-to-integrate, compact housing can be mounted over the web so less downtime is required for maintenance
  • No reflector is required, reducing maintenance and providing greater product reliability. Reduces downtime. Only array sensors available in diffuse mode, making them ideal for environments where dirt and dust can interfere with other types of solutions that require a reflector.
  • High reproducibility of 0.03 mm and industry-leading resolution enable greater accuracy and quality control
  • Highly visible white LED light spot ensures fast and accurate alignment, reducing time-consuming fine adjustment
  • No teach, program or menu activities make setup virtually hassle free


Ax20 array sensors for edge and diameter detection solutions

Array sensors use closely spaced beams of light to detect even the slightest differences in gray scale between the target and the background within their field-of-view. They are ideal for edge and diameter detection as well as detecting widths and gaps. SICK’s array sensors offer industry-leading reproducibility, in addition to compact, rugged metal housings for use in highly restricted or harsh environments.

At a glance
  • Proximity contrast line sensor in a compact housing
  • Application-specific sensor functions
  • Detect position of edge of material
  • Diameter, width and gap detection of different objects
  • Very high reproducibility of 0.03 mm
  • Large measurement range: 30 mm
  • Visible white LED light spot to enable accurate alignment
  • Simple setup, no teach-in necessary


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Functional principle

    Edge detection, scanning, and reflector operation

    Edge detection, reflector

    Diameter detection, scanning, and reflector operation

    Splice detection, reflector

    Final foil inspection, proximity without reflector

    Mark detection, scanning, and reflector operation

    Sensing distance

    25 mm

    100 mm

    103 mm

    Measurement range20 mm ... 43 mm

    0.03 mm 1)

    0.05 mm 1)

    0.02 mm 1)

    106 µm 2)


    0.8 mm

    1.6 mm

    1 mm 3)

    2 mm 4)

    Analog output QA

    3 mA ... 20.5 mA

    4 mA ... 20 mA 5)

    • 1) With respect to sensing distance.
    • 2) At sensing distance 100 mm.
    • 3) Mode 2 & 3.
    • 4) Mode 1.
    • 5) Working range.
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product