Photoelectric sensors

Reliable cylindrical photoelectric sensors with a wide range of application possibilities

Your Benefits

  • High level of flexibility thanks to diverse mounting and application options
  • Very easy to use thanks to simple assembly, commissioning, operation and maintenance
  • High detection reliability thanks to rugged optics and electronics
  • Very resistant, meaning they are suitable for conveyor applications, for instance


Reliable cylindrical photoelectric sensors with a wide range of application possibilities

Cylindrical photoelectric sensors from the GR18 family are characterized by their universal application possibilities, reliable object detection and a very good price-performance ratio. The sensors have a cylindrical M18 housing available either in plastic or metal. The cylindrical photoelectric sensors are also available in different housing shapes and therefore offer a high level flexibility for mounting and application options. The PinPoint LED and intelligent electronics ensure high availability of the product family. It can be used in many applications. For instance, the rugged variant in the stainless steel housing can also be used in applications where it comes into contact with chemicals and cleaning agents.

At a glance
  • Different housing shapes based on standardized M18 design
  • Housing made of either plastic or metal
  • Bright, multi-color status LED
  • PinPoint LED and intelligent, interference-resistant signal evaluation
  • High tightening torque of the fully-flush variant


Reliable object detection and easy operation

The cylindrical photoelectric sensors of the GR18 product family offer exceptional optical and electronic reliability. Thanks to intelligent signal evaluation, they do not react to ambient light, dirt, moisture or electromagnetic fields. The sensors work reliably even under harsh conditions. Their bright status display and the quickly adjustable sensing distance also enable easy operation.
Due to the highly reliable design, the sensors are trouble-free and insensitive to disturbing influences
Thanks to the bright status indicator LED, the operating status can also be seen from a long distance
Sensing distance adjustment is quick and easy with a standard Phillips-head screwdriver

Use in harsh or hygienic environments

The cylindrical photoelectric sensor are optionally available in an Inox variant. The stainless-steel housing and high chemical material resistance means make these variants a reliable option when faced with cleaning agents containing alcohols and alkalis as well as standard oils and lubricants used in industry. This variant also complies with strict hygienic regulations without any problems.
The stainless-steel housing with special coating ensures high mechanical ruggedness and resistance
The use of chemically resistant seals and special high-performance adhesives ensures reliable sealing
Thanks to their properties, the stainless-steel sensors are also suitable for use in industries with strict hygiene regulations

Versatile application possibilities

Thanks to the standardized M18 dimensioning and the large selection of designs, there is an ideal cylindrical photoelectric sensor for every mounting situation. With the addition of a plastic or metal housing as well as radial and axial optical openings, a wide range of applications is possible.
For housings with an angled radial design, installation space is reduced, which opens up additional mounting options
The housings are available in plastic or metal and are very flexible in use
The sensors are available with an optional flush mounting system and allow the objects to be detected to pass without obstruction

Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Dimensions (W x H x D)

    18 mm x 18 mm x 73.5 mm

    18 mm x 18 mm x 71.5 mm

    18 mm x 18 mm x 38.1 mm

    18 mm x 18 mm x 55.9 mm

    Light sourcePinPoint LED / LED
    Type of light

    Visible red light

    Visible blue light

    Infrared light

    Enclosure ratingIP67 / IP67 / IP68 / IP69K
    Housing material



    Stainless steel

    AdjustmentPotentiometer / none
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product